SG50 Hong Bao Giveaway 23rd January 2016

Hong Bao for Public Transportation

What is a Hong Bao? A Hong Bao is a red packet with monetary value in it that carries the well wishes from the giver towards the recipient.

Mayor Denise Phua, Dr Wu Dar Ching with recipients of the Care Cards & Rotary Presidents

Mayor Denise Phua, Dr Wu Dar Ching with recipients of the Care Cards & Rotary Presidents

Rotary SG50 Care Cards are produced to celebrate SG50 and to create greater awareness of community service of Rotary in Singapore. The Card states the focus of Rotary activities and also include the ideals of Rotary in service with a red background to join our celebration with Singapore.

On each card states the focus of Rotary:

  • Promoting Peace
  • Fighting Disease
  • Providing Clean Water
  • Saving Mothers & Children
  • Supporting Education
  • Creating Communities for Citizens

Other highlights in the card design include ideals of Rotary:

  • End Polio
  • Humanitarian Service
  • Service Above Self
  • Join Leaders
  • Exchange Ideas
  • Take Action

The year 2015 has been a very good year for philanthropy. The Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd believes that the SG 50 spirit should continue in 2016.

In this Lunar new year festive season, the SG 50 Care Cards are used as Transport Give Away to some needy communities with cash top up by respective 22 Rotary Clubs in Singapore.

Ms Denise Phua, Mayor of Central Singapore CDC, was the Guest of Honour for the official occasion “SG50 Transport Hong Bao Giveaway”

received 1,000 SG50 Rotary Care Cards with stored value of S$20 each on behalf of the Central Singapore Community Development Council. These 1,000 cards will be given out to those in need through their Family Service Centres. Together with card, The Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore Ltd (FRCS) contributed S$30,000 as Hong Bao to Central Singapore CDC for their needy during Chinese New Year.

Witnessed by Ms. Denise Phua, PDG Dr. Wu Dar Ching, FRCS Chairman, and PP Alex Eow, FRCS Director and Chairman of Projects and Programs Committee, 10 community groups also received the SG50 Rotary Care Cards at the scenic POD on the 16th floor of the National Library Building from respective Rotary Clubs in various quantity and value in each card. The community groups are:

  1. Clients of Rotary Family Center at Clementi
  2. Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre
  3. Club heal Singapore
  4. Espesyal Pinoy
  5. Kaki Bukit Befrienders’ Team
  6. Daughters of Tomorrow
  7. Club Rainbow
  8. Food From The Hearst
  9. Queenstown Multi-Service Centre
  10. U3A Singapore

As part of PR exercise to promote the activities of Rotary in Singapore, the cards were given to all 800 Rotarians in Singapore at the end of last year. Similarly, all Interactors and Rotaractors in Singapore will receive the SG50 cards before Chinese New Year as the gift from The Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore Ltd, and also as the symbol of their pride & joy serving the Community.

“FRCS produced 4,000 SG50 cards for public and image building of Rotary in Singapore at the same time we are able to do good with several needy organizations in Singapore before Chinese New Year. It is indeed befitting to our Rotary Theme 2016-17, Rotary Serving Humanity”, remarked PP Alex Eow, FRCS Director in charge of projects and programs.

Earlier in the program, Ms Reshma d/o Jethanand, Associate, Service Development/Content & Services, Public Libraries Board introduced literacy program to club presidents and representatives of 22 Rotary Clubs in Singapore, and also introduced the collaboration opportunity between National Library Board and Rotary Clubs.

Remarked by PDG Dr. Wu Dar Ching, FRCS Chairman “The possible collaboration between NLB and Rotary Clubs will definitely highlight the “significant life” of Rotarians as highlighted by Guest of Honour Denise Phua during her speech.”

This is indeed a happy occasion for Singapore Rotary celebrating the festive Lunar New Year while addressing the real needs of under-privileged Singaporeans in terms of transportation.

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