Chinese New Year with Aged Poor and Needy in Redhill


A project by the Rotary Club of Pandan Valley

The Rotary Club of Pandan Valley has been engaged in this signature project since 1992/1993, every year, just before Chinese New Year, to distribute food and red packets to the needy residents in Redhill.  This year, as a joint project with the Foundation of Rotary Clubs (S) Ltd (FRCS), the club expanded this project to provide household appliances such as fridges, rice cookers and fans.  The budget amounted to $10,500 and the funds were contributed by members of the club and a grant from FRCS. On 23 January, family members, friends and Interactors from SJII came together to assemble the fans, distribute food, household appliances and Ang Pows to brighten up the Chinese New Year for these needy residents.


Contributed by IPP Elsie Chua – RC of Pandan Valley

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