Secretariat – General Manager’s Message

FRCS presents a meaningful journey both in terms of the challenges that are presented and in the value of our services to the community in Singapore. I look forward to building upon the past successes and bring best practices to further strengthen the Secretariat administration. As with most Social Service Agencies, funding remains a primary concern, our work here is a delicate and important one. We will work closely with our stakeholders to drive strategic and tactical campaigns for increased benefactor support.

While our Foundation endeavours to engender increased services for Learning, Family Services, Eldercare, and developing a sustainable Social Enterprises, we must remain focussed to maintain the financial prudence to deliver the long-term mission and vision or FRCS.

With an increased ageing population and increased awareness of mental health concerns, the Foundations work is well cut out. With a vibrant, dynamic and visionary Board of Directors, I am confident that we can collaborate with Industry and the Community to further push the envelope of the Foundations great work.

COVID-19 has further put pressure on Singaporeans; however, we are optimistic that with progressive inoculation of our population, we can further engage and collaborate with your partners and stakeholders. Now more than ever before the mission of FRCS needs to be engendered and collectively, we will push the envelope forward.

Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd

Marilyn Tan
Senior Manager
Rose Yap
Digital Marketing & Communications Executive

Rotary Learning Institute (Singapore)

Marie Leong
Senior Manager
Shelley Tan
Operations Manager

FRCS Family Service Centre

Amran Jamil
Executive Director
Celine Thoo
Corporate Service Manager

FRCS Eldercare & Care Givers Centre
Staffing to be confirmed – July/August 2021

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